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Our home health aides are dedicated to providing the service families need for peace of mind and the aide support retirees need to have the independence they want while living at home. This means we make our aide service available at all times and anywhere a retiree is living his or her life in full. 

If your parents could benefit from someone checking in more often or need more help around the home, Alzheimer's or dementia at some level is often involved. The severity of dementia usually progresses over years or even months. Helping people with Alzheimer's or dementia, keeping them safe, and preserving their happiness often requires knowledge and experience. We provide our aides with specialized training in Alzheimer's and dementia to ensure our clients can maintain health, safety, and happiness at home.

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Life changes, but enjoyment of life can and should continue. With age or disability, taking care of daily activities can become burdensome. This may lead to health risks or health decline. Let's make a positive difference instead. We send qualified home care aides to the homes of our clients. They help with activities of daily living. Our home health services offer convenience, comfort, and peace of mind while protecting health, quality of life, and independence. 

If you or someone you care for could use in-home support, let's talk. Call now (602-361-5852) or use the form on this page to send us a note.

Experienced with Dementia and Alzheimer's

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safeandsoundaz.comOver 50% of our elderly will be afflicted with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, so we’ve made it our business to focus on specialized training in these areas. We want your loved ones in the hands of only the most qualified CNA’s and caregivers. Home care is changing and Safe and Sound at home is leading the way. As more and more of our elderly are opting to stay home we are here to help make that happen for as long as possible. Our Staff will make sure you loved ones home is safe from accidents and falls.​ ​Staying home, means your loved one is safe and happy and it’s our business to make that possible. Services We Offer Chronic Condition Care Memory & Alzheimer’s Care Hospital Care Hygiene, Dressing, bathing and showering Medication reminders Meal Preparation Light Housekeeping Errands Doctors’ visits Shopping Activity planning respite care Active companion Whatever the situation Safe and Sound at Home can help make it work to keep your loved one at home where they want to be. When our loved ones are able to remain in their own home. Where ever that may be, House, apartment or in Independent living in a retirement facility they live longer and are much happier. Let us come and assess your or your loved loves needs and come up with a care plan that will insure they will be safe and thrive at home. 20 Warning signs your loved one needs Help at Home. Maybe you’ve noticed mom or dad’s mail piling up. Or mom once meticulous about her appearance is wearing wrinkled clothes and not doing her hair. Perhaps there are bruises on her and when you bring up the subject you hear “everything is fine” , “nothing to worry about”. Admitting they need help would be mean they can’t take care of themselves anymore, and no one wants to lose their independence. Denial is the unrealistic hope that a problem is not really happening and will go away be itself. Admitting they need help and accepting assistance is not easy for people as they age. It represents a loss of independence. Denial plays a major role and signs get ignored. The burden often falls on the family to recognize the signs that the aging parent might need help with daily living tasks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your loved one has to go to assisted living or a nursing home, but they may need some extra help in their homes. If they’re not willing to admit it, how do you know if your elderly parents need home care?
Hourly to 24-Hour In-Home Aide Support
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